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Salman Khan Tubelight

Tubelight: The Most Awaited Salman Khan Movie


Ok! I know calling just a single Salman Khan movie the most awaited is wrong because all the movies of Salman Khan are equally awaited and that too with much zeal and excitement, but this movie is entirely different, hence it is being given more weightage. Salman Khan has played several characters in his life that were quite challenging, but this one is going to be the most difficult and the most appealing one. Tubelight: The Most Awaited Salman Khan Movie

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Directed by the very talented Kabir Khan, this movie is an Indian historical war drama. The film is set in the time of Sino-Indian War of 1962 and is a mesmerizing love story of an Indian boy and a Chinese girl. The plot goes like this, Salman’s character Laxman and his brother Bharat love each other a lot. While Laxman does nothing, Bharat serves the Indian Army. During the Sino-Indian war, he leaves to fight the Chinese Army only to never come back.

This breaks the heart of Laxman and the entire family. This is when he decides to look for his brother on his own. Even though everybody says he won’t be able to find his brother, he initiates his journey to find Bharat. This is where the drama starts to unfold. Gradually, Laxman falls in love with a Chinese girl and meets and befriends a child as well.

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What happens next and will Laxman be able to find his brother? That remains to be seen in the theaters near you. This Salman Khan produced and Kabir Khan directed movie will also see a special cameo by Shah Rukh Khan which is going to make the movie even more magnificent.

Tubelight: The Most Awaited Salman Khan Movie

The movie is slated to be released on the 23rd of June and the anticipation of the fans is touching the sky. Will this movie meet all the expectations of the fans? Well, that only time will tell.




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