Sultan Second (2nd) Day Box Office: Income & Collection

By | July 7, 2016

Salman Khan’s Sultan Second (2nd) Day Box Office: Income & Collection:- the most awaited movie for all the Salman Khan fans “Sultan” has been released on 6th July worldwide. According to sources this movie has been released with more then 5000 screens. Now not taking much time and directly coming to find out Sultan Second Day Box Office Collection or Income, well Sultan is a real biopic and his fans were waiting for this movie for a long time. Below we are taking a short look on the point which will really help Sultan movie to get a high box office collection on its 2nd day of release.

  1. Date of Release:- the makers of Sultan are very clever they wisely choose a pre planed date to release for Sultan Movie. Well you are same thinking as me, It is a festive season for all Muslims for them Salman is just like JAAN i mean bhaijaan. So all the Muslims fans are going to watch Sultan which will really take Sultan to a huge collection at box office, by the way – Happy Eid!!
  2. Casting:- the casting of Sultan is also done wisely one side Salman is all time star and on the other hand Anushka Sharma is really justifying with her role in the movie. Hence we can say Sultan will be the most grosser movie for both Salman and Anushka Sharma.
  3. No Big Movie in Theaters:- Off course this point will play a big role in the second day box office collection or 2 day income of Sultan. There is a disaster in theaters fro last few weeks. There is no big star’s movie is running on the cinema halls.
  4. Movie Plot or Story:- Sultan movie is truly based on the Indian culture. It a story of Indian wrestler and how he fights. Sultan is going to make a special touch at our hearts and every Indian would like to watch it.

I think these are the basic factors which are just taking Sultan’s second day box office income to high. According to Box Office Experts “Sultan Second (2nd) Day Box Office: Income & Collection” will be 36 to 40 Crores.

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